Surgery Scheduled

Greetings family and friends,

It is with great excitement and utter terror I write this. My two year long quest has finally come full circle. I have been fully cleared for surgery by the insurance company and from the University of Chicago Surgical team.

I will be completing my final nutrition, pre-ops and lab work on Monday October 17, 2011.

On Wednesday October 26, I will undergo a procedure to install an inferior vena cava (IVC), which protects from blots clots that may form in the lower body during or following the surgery.

On Friday October 28, I will be undergoing the Duodenal-Switch-operation; this will be a 7 hour procedure and I am expected to be released from the hospital on Sunday October 30, 2011. I will have two weeks of time off work if all goes well.

To help you all keep track of my progress I will be making daily updates here on my Blog Site.

Please keep me in your prayers and I look forward to being half the man I am today very soon

With Love,
Ronald F Garrison

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