Dispelling the Myth “easy way out”

I have been told and have heard people say you didn’t lose the weight surgery did it.  You took the easy way out.

Let’s take a look at that myth and dispel it completely.

The surgery is just a tool, like your diet and exercise program, though yes it gives you a big advantage there are also many disadvantages that come with the surgery.

This is a life changing event and life altering changes have to be made for it to be successful.

Things you must change:

  1. Your diet must change completely.  Now you are forced to each 4-8 times a day small meals with very high protein intake.
  2. You must give up all carbonation for life, carbonation expands the stomach and is therefore BAD
  3. You must be on a rigorous vitamin intake daily for life; I have to take 8 vitamins daily for life to get the nutrients I need.
  4. You must MOVE and exercise, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Side effects and Drawbacks

There are many and everyone is different but I will list just a few of them and the ones that I personally have experienced.

  1. It is a long fight with the insurance company to get this approved
  2. TOXIC WASTE, your body does not digest things normally any longer this causes toxic waste stool and noxious odors – these can be highly embarrassing.
  3. 65% of all marriages end in divorce after one partner has this procedure, it is a life changing event and many times one or both partners’ ideals and views change dramatically.
  4. Food in-tolerances, some days you can eat something the next you try the same thing and the body rejects it causing dumping syndrome or vomiting.
  5. GAS! Everything you eat causes it to expel out of one or both ends.


Now with all these listed do you ask would you do it again.  YES a million times yes!  I am healthy and will live a more productive life, prior to the surgery I was given 5 years to live.

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